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Get an insight into what it’s like to be developing a remote work application when a global pandemic hits.

All Tests Failing is a podcast about web development, hosted by Stephen Whitfield, founder of Metro Retro, and Will Jutsum, creator of over 100 unreleased side projects & the developer of “Wubbles”, a flash game that won 3rd prize in a game contest in 2009, netting him a cool $300.

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Episodes Date

Will & Steve talk about another lockdown side project, Netflix's Chaos Monkey (, 6 day weeks and not using GraphQL.
June 18, 2021
Steve talks about Metro Retro hiring their first employee, the complexities of shareholdings, moving to Digital Ocean and plans for Metro Retro V2.
May 26, 2021
Steve chats about a small outage on Metro Retro and a possible move to Digital Ocean. Will finally talks Rust & WebAssembly.
May 4, 2021
Week 10 of lockdown. Steve talks about the result of the Metro Retro user interviews, pricing & object anchoring. Will has no time to do anything.
March 23, 2021
Will discusses lockdown work scheduling, Typescript and joining a remote team.  Stephen talks about interviewing users and being influence by Tabletop Simulator.
March 17, 2021
Will talks Starlink Satellites, onboarding into remote teams. Steve talks about Metro Retro's change in direction, chatting to prospective clients & paid tiers  
March 11, 2021
Will's work life goes into a covid tailspin, he realises that it probably isn't the time for side projects and talks about garden carpentry. Steve gets a maths tutor, has lots of new users, worries ab...
February 22, 2021
The world starts to close down. Steve is worried about his growing user numbers, talks Alpine JS & panic buying haggis. Will puts his side project on ice, thinks about learning Rust ,starting anot...
February 21, 2021
Steve talks Tailwind CSS, Storybook breaking changes & roadmaps being boring. Will talks GraphQL, gets excited about PostGraphile, being worried about Coronavirus derailing his side project and bu...
February 20, 2021
Will gets a new job, has a scraping dilemma with his new side project and get annoyed with Kubernetes. Steve asks his users for feedback, doesn't support Microsoft Edge and gets excited about Elixir.
February 19, 2021

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